The Nation’s Largest Non-Audit Accounting Advisory Firm

CFGI supports the Office of the CFO and Private Equity Sponsors with all your critical finance and accounting operations. We deliver the people, processes and technology solutions to solve all your operational finance and technical accounting challenges.


We solve your most complex and critical finance and accounting issues and help you drive financial and digital transformation for your company.

Private Equity Services

Formulating integrated solutions across all phases of the investment lifecycle.

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Accounting Advisory

Assisting organizations and their investors with operational finance and technical accounting challenges.

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Risk Management

Helping risk managers more effectively identify, assess and mitigate business-wide risks.

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Corporate Tax

Ensuring continuity and integrity for crucial financial roles.

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Interim Management

Providing the knowledge and savvy to lead your most critical finance and accounting projects.

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Robotic Process Automation

Serving as the experts in automation strategy, process selection and end-to-end Robotic Operating Model implementation.

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Business Transformation

Leading businesses to achieve operational excellence of the finance function.

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Valuation Services

Providing independent valuations for business transactions and on-going asset assessments.

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IPO Readiness

Helping companies prepare for public life and everything that comes after.

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Financial Planning & Analysis

Process standardization, technology integration and automation are all great ways to increase business capacity and give employees more time to focus on value-driven work.

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Cybersecurity and Data Privacy Services

Identify, assess and manage cybersecurity risks.

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Restructuring Services

Financially distressed companies face a lot of questions and uncertainty, but CFGI can help make whatever course of action is needed easier to manage.

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Strategies for Cash Optimization in Economic Turbulence

In today’s challenging economy, companies are grappling with the impact of higher interest rates, inflation, and borrowing costs.


Managing Carve-Outs to Success

Summary From corporate divestitures to buyer’s value creation Domestic and cross-border carve-out transactions require thorough planning and skilled implementation on various levels.


2024 Financial Statement Filing Deadlines and Staleness Calendar

Planning for a registration statement includes assessing which financial statements are required to be included.


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May 5, 2023

Congratulations to CFGI’s Annual Charity Football Pool Winners for 2022-23

We’re excited to announce the winners of CFGI’s Annual Charity Football Pool, which has been running for over 10 years.

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October 5, 2022

CFGI’s 2022 Firmwide Outing

For the first time since 2019, we brought together our CFGI team from across all 17 offices for a well-deserved celebration! Some of our team members, unfortunately, were not able to attend due to Hurricane Ian.

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