One of the things CFGI stresses is its “Big 4” experience. Does this hold true throughout the company?

It absolutely does. In many firms, you may find the partners have substantial public accounting background, whereas many of their associates have a lesser level of experience and knowledge. Due to the strong reputation we’ve earned, our firm consistently attracts top-level talent from Big 4 firms. These exceptional professionals are looking to CFGI for the next step in their career evolution.

I’m not seeing my particular industry listed as a specialized area. How will I know you can handle my needs?

If you consider the varied fields we already serve, you’ll notice our specialty areas are quite diverse. CFGI has also worked with companies in many other industries as well. The cross-industry knowledge we’ve gained is something we can effectively translate to new fields and subject matters. If we have any doubts whatsoever about your industry, you’ll be the first to know.

You say that CFGI isn’t subject to the same independence limitations as audit firms. What does that mean?

The restrictions posed by independence rules are limitations that apply when an accounting firm is performing the role of auditor. As an independent accounting and finance consultant, we can function as an embedded extension of your internal team. For instance, a CFGI professional can step in to perform a wide array of interim management roles – from Revenue Manager to Corporate Controller all the way up to CFO.

We’ve just lost a key executive for our internal team. How can CFGI help us to fill the gap?

Here’s a real-world example to answer this very relevant question. One of our Senior Managers recently completed a four-month assignment as the Interim Corporate Controller for an SEC registrant regional bank that had abruptly lost its sitting Controller. As an interim management professional, our Senior Manager jumped in quickly and worked daily at the bank to successfully fill this very critical role.

Hiring a finance and accounting firm for our critical needs is a major step. Is there a way for us to become comfortable with CFGI?

Absolutely. Our client citations and references are a very quick way to gain comfort with the effectiveness and quality of our services. Many long-term CFGI client relationships have begun with a short-term or single-project engagement, which is a great way for us to demonstrate to you and your organization how well we integrate into your team and the value we add in a very compressed time frame. We are flexible in our working arrangements and readily adapt to your specific situation.

You mention the ability to apply knowledge from other industries. Can you provide a specific example?

In one of our engagements, we helped a $5B community bank to reorganize its mortgage banking operations to ensure profitable growth. CFGI instituted a more robust accounting process, budgeting tools and real-time analytics — which now empower senior management to make better operational decisions on a daily basis. This can provide a valuable advantage for any company in any industry.