Transaction Accounting

Getting the deal done right

The ability to effectively execute a transformational event — such as an acquisition, merger or divestiture — plays a key role in enhancing an organization’s value. Successfully executing a deal is the materialization of a growth strategy and sends a strong message about the direction of an organization. Achieving deal success requires the ability to navigate challenging transaction accounting and reporting in order to mitigate unexpected results.

CFGI provides transaction accounting assistance to help organizations open the books for a newly acquired business and establish effective financial reporting. This changeover is often very complex and requires experienced transaction accounting specialists who fully comprehend the requirements and regulations involved.

CFGI’s transaction advisors have extensive experience in transaction accounting and reporting. This experience, combined with the finance experience of being part of a deal on both the buyer and seller side, means we reduce the number of hiccups thus allowing organizations to stay focused on executing the business strategy. We assist throughout the deal life cycle from pre-acquisition due diligence to deal-closing to day-one onboarding.

CFGI transaction support includes the following:

  • Closing balance sheet prep (Cash-to-accrual basis accounting/NWC true-up)
  • Opening balance sheet prep (purchase accounting)
  • ASC 805 technical white paper
  • Valuation (intangible/tangible)
  • Accounting policy optimization
  • Significance test calculations
  • Carve-out financial statements
  • Acquisition 8-K preparation
  • Pro forma financial information
  • Financial statement footnote drafting
  • Audit readiness

From due diligence to post-transaction, CFGI does it all

With CFGI, you get a partner that is as invested in the success of your transaction as you are. That is why we start with due diligence by analyzing key opportunities and validating all financial, commercial, operational and strategic assumptions. Our technical accountants and financial advisors will:

  • Assess the quality of reported EBITDA analysis.
  • Provide balance sheet/working capital trend analyses.
  • Deliver P&L trend analyses and operational reviews. 
  • Perform off-balance sheet and contingent obligation identification.
  • Identify tax exposures.
  • Advise on tax-efficient transactional structures.
  • Assess operations and technology capabilities.
  • Identify and assess IT improvement projects.
  • And much more.

Following the close of the transaction, CFGI continues to act as an extension of your team for the first 100 days by lending its experience and expertise in the areas of:

  • Budgeting/cash flow forecasting
  • Treasury management
  • Working capital management
  • Financial reporting
  • Financial planning and analysis
  • More

Our highly experienced transaction accounting specialists ensure that any and all transformational business transactions proceed without a hitch by providing in-depth support before, during and after execution.